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Roll Line Gladiator Wheels (8-pack)

  • Description
  • Description
  • GLADIATOR 88A, 90A, 92A, 95A Professional Roller Derby Wheels

    Hardness:  Green=88A, Black=90A, Orange=92A, and White=95A
    Diameter:  62mm
    Profile:  38mm
    Compound:   Cast Urethane Special Custom Formula

    The Roll-Line GLADIATOR 62mm X 38mm Professional Roller Derby Wheels represent the start of a whole new class of HIGH Performance Urethane Wheels specifically designed for Roller Derby.  This very high quality wheel, is designed to be used on many types of skating surfaces including Skate Court, Sport Court, Concrete, standard wood floors coated with plastic or poly urethane, but also unusual surfaces like, tile type basketball and volleyball courts, tennis courts (Indoor or outdoor), and terrazzo surfaces that are more common around the World for Roller Derby.

    The Roll-Line GLADIATOR 62mm Professional Roller Derby Wheels utilize a stiff Delrin hub which is Strong, Light, and with Close Tolerances for Roundness, and Trueness, for the Cage where the Bearings and Spacers are mounted. The Roll-Line Tread is a cast secret Special Custom Urethane Formula, which provides exceptional Grip, while providing great ROLL and has a distinctive outer lip that provides that strong extra grip for tight spaces and turns. The Roll Line GLADIATOR 63mm Professional Roller Derby Wheels have a little more feeling of spring or bounce as they have a higher REBOUND than most other Urethane wheels (except the Helium Indoor/Outdoor Wheels).  This REBOUND creates a feeling of smoothness to the roll on the floor.

    The Hub color identifies which hardness the wheels are.
    88A = Green
    90A = Black
    92A = Orange
    95A = White


    Please note: These are special order ONLY and may not be immediately available.