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Edea Wave

Edea Wave
  • Description
  • Description
  • Start a fashion rage with illusion and grace. Pay close attention to the 3D texture and evolved lacing system. This boot is not like any other!
    The Wave is a ready-to-skate boot designed with adults or the serious beginner in mind.

    Soft-Mid Stiff Construction 40
    Ladies Sizes (Ivory): 185 through 280 in 5mm increments

    Featuring four hooks instead of the traditional three, you will discover just how much quicker you can get to the ice or the floor.

    Lace up, skate, unlace and done! It's that easy! Just remember to loosen the laces all the way down to the toe to maintain a comfortable width!

    • Soft-Mid Stiff Construction 40. Type of Skating: Beginning Amateur Level for Serious Beginners and Adult Skaters who prefer a stiffer construction Skate
    • The unique insole made with fiberglass and nylon allows more power transmission and increase the stability. It also allows for the thickness of the sole to be reduced thus lowering the centre of gravity and giving the skater even greater control and stability. The unique heel design adds further stability to the boot. The curve on the heel increases weight distribution, allowing the heel to be in contact with over half the insole giving the skater a sense of oneness with the ice
    • Do you want the secret to superior control of your skates? It’s all in the lacing! Lace securely at the instep (bottomost two hooks) and softer around the ankle (top two hooks). The hook has been positioned just below the point of flexion and has an inclination of 30 ° in order to follow that of the foot. In combination, by using 4 hooks it is now easier and faster to lace and unlace your boots since you are now able to tighten and close in more precisely.
    • Not too fluffy, not too dense; the padding is just right. The soft lining envelops your feet and the memory foam padding ensures a fun and relaxed training session. We have designed our boots with an anatomical shape meaning a painless experience and superior comfort.
    • Finally something new that is not only pleasing to the eyes, but also engages your sense of touch. Feel the rise and fall of the waves as your fingers perceive our new professional TechnoMicro material. We discuss Technomicro as a composite microfiber created from threads that are so thin that each one is less than one thousandth the thickness of the silk.

    The Wave will be replacing the Ivory Motivo boots.

    Edea Wave