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Bont Prodigy Plate

Bont Prodigy Plate
  • Description
  • Description
  • The Bont Prodigy roller skate plate offers a lightweight and affordable great for beginners and recreational skaters. The base is a nylon and fiberglass composite with 20-degree action aluminum trucks and adjustable Allen screw toe stops. The plate works perfectly for indoor and outdoor skating as well as rink skating and roller derby.

    This roller skate plate has been tested by Bont's roller derby team to ensure it can withstand the toughest roller derby bouts. This roller skate plate is designed by Bont in Sydney, Australia.

    This plate is also for fresh meat roller derby skaters. The wheels are locked in place with nuts on 8mm axles.

    • Action: 20-degree truck angle
    • Base material: Nylon and fiberglass composite
    • Cushion hardness: 88A standard urethane cushions
    • Kingpin: Steel
    • Kingpin Locknut: 9/16" socket for adjusting
    • Trucks: Aluminum
    • Axles: 8mm
    • Toe stop: Adjustable allen screw, 4mm allen wrench for adjusting
    • *You will need to order mounting hardware if you are ordering the plate only.
    • *Only compatible with Discotrux

    If purchasing a boot and plate, add plate mounting here.

    Bont Prodigy Plate