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Department of Skate ships Internationally!
  • Description
  • Description
  • PLEASE CHECK YOUR TRUCKS CAREFULLY to make sure you get the right size!


    Axle nuts come SEVERAL SIZES. If you aren't sure, please ask. You cannot do "close enough" without messing up your axles.


    True 7mm plates, 7mm x 1.00: Roll Line, Komplex, STD, Atlas, Boaini, Paioli, Italian WIPs.


    US "7mm" plates, 9/32” x 32TPI: Sure Grip, Snyder, Laser, PowerTrac, Labeda.


    True 8mm plates, 8mm x 1.00: Chaya.


    US "8mm" plates, 5/16” x 24UNF: PowerDyne, Sure Grip, Pilot, Crazy, Bont, VNLA.


    New Chicagos use 5/16” x 18UNC.