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Riedell ColorLab

Riedell ColorLab
  • Description
  • Description

    Design the skates of your dreams with Riedell ColorLab®!


    For only $160.00 in addition to the price of your skate boot, you can add as many different colors as there are panels or sections of your skate boot. We offer over 35 leather, metallic leather, and suede leather colors, so you can get as creative as you want when designing your new skates. 

    Please note that the cost of ColorLab is included in the price of the 951 and 3200, which is why they are listed here at $0. This does not apply for any other model.


    To add ColorLab® to your purchase, simply select the boot you want customized from the menu. Then download and complete the form for your boot and email to with your order number.


    Available Boot Models for Riedell ColorLab® and Order Forms:



    • METALLIC LEATHER NOTICE: By selecting metallic leather for a part of the boot, you accept that there could be minor imperfections due to the production process and that the metallic color is only surface-deep. Riedell WILL NOT use metallic leather on quarter panels.
    • Abeline leather is very stiff and can be difficult to work with. Due to the nature of the material, logos can only be clear/embossed on Abilene leather. This is why it is included in the suede section. Be aware that Abeline is not technically suede like our other suede leathers and will be much stiffer than those materials.
    • If suede leather is selected for the part of the boot where a logo is applied, the only option for the logo will be embossed. We CANNOT stamp colors onto suede.
    • ColorLab boots are made to order and CANNOT BE RETURNED. Please contact us to verify that the sizing is correct before ordering.
    Riedell ColorLab