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MyBonts Full Custom by Molds

  • Description
  • Description
  • THIS ADD ON ITEM IS ONLY AVAILABLE WITH MYBONTS ORDER of MyBonts Hybrid Carbon Boots or MyBonts Protege Jam Boots

    Add on service for full custom sizing for MyBonts for Protege and Hybrid Carbon boots. Custom boots built from your molds, and shipping to the Bont factory is included in this fee. This is available for customers within the USA only. 

    Bont has been creating custom skates since 1975 and is the world’s largest producer of custom made skates. In the mid 90’s Mr. Inze Bont tried molding socks to create a mold of skater’s feet and found it to be a simple and clean processed plus light weight for shipping.

    The Bont molding box makes custom molding easy because it puts pressure all around your foot while it is molding it. This pressure simulates your foot being in a boot and removes much of the guesswork involved in custom boot molding. If you do not have access to a molding box, you can do it by hand.

    Included in the molding pack

    • One pair of molding soxs (medium, or large)
    • Special scissors
    • 2 long plastic bags or 4 long plastic bags(for molding box orders only)
    • 1 black plastic protective strip

    Additional items needed

    • A bowl of cold water
    • Rubber gloves
    • Masking tape
    • Permanent marker