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SureGrip Toe Jammers

Sure Grip Toe Jammers Caps
  • Description
  • Description
    • Toe Jammers are a heat moldable toe cap to protect your toes during skating.
    • Revolutionary new design featuring SUPER TOUGH industrial vinyl with a nearly unbreakable snap.
    • Similar to leather toe guards they will mount under the toe stop.
    • Ideally used for larger toe stop stems but can be used with smaller stem toe stops like dance plugs.
    • Black matte finish.

    Heat Molding Instructions

    1. Bake in oven at 200F / 93C for 5 Minutes.
    2. Be sure to preheat your oven.
    3. Wearing gloves (or an oven mitt) place on your skate and hold for 3 minutes.
    Sure Grip Toe Jammers Caps