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EDEA Trolley/Backpack

  • Description
  • Description
  • This Skate Bag is both a Rolling Trolley Bag and a Backpack (where the Straps can hide away)


    The EDEA Trolley Jacquard will fit in most Airplane Overhead compartments and is:

    17 3/4″ (45cm) Tall x 15 3/8″ (39cm) Wide x 10 3/8″ (26.5cm) Deep

    Color:  Black


    The EDEA Trolley Jacquard is very nicely designed to hide away the Shoulder Straps when used as a Rolling Skate Bag or hide away the single Aluminum Extension Handle when used as a Back Pack. The EDEA Trolley Jacquard has an extra-large rear pocket with double zippers for a single pair of skates (or possibly 2 pairs of smaller skates).


    The central double zipper area is for a lot of accessories and clothing or Skating costumes. The front pocket is ideal for storing smaller items such as spare Laces, EDEA Lace Straps, a Lace Puller and your CD’s. There are 2 lateral pockets in mesh for holding bottles. There is also a small zipper side pouch which is a good place for a few tools.  Don’t forget to remove the tools before processing as a carry-on bag. The “Edea” logo adds the Italian class and style to your Trolley.


    The EDEA Trolley Jacquard is made in sturdy polyester.  The bag is durable, strong, and washable and makes carrying skating equipment even easier.  The Aluminum Extension Handle extends to normal walking height when used as a Trolley. In the Back Pack configuration, the Adjustable Padded Shoulder Straps come back out of the pouch and snap onto the Bag and allow great comfort against the back with the Anatomically Padded Airtech Mesh Inserts to provide outstanding ventilation, protection, and maximum comfort. The Urethane Wheels with Precision Bearings are 80 mm with a reinforced hub, making them silent and durable. We’ve added a Nylon flap to cover the wheels when using the trolley as a backpack.