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The name Snyder is recognized as an original pioneer in skate design. Mr. Charles Snyder is credited with inventions, patents, and machining refinements since the company was founded back in 1939.

Since the beginning of Snyder Skate Company, the improvements made in our skates are designed to improve the skaters who rely on them.

We feel that we owe the skaters giving their best performance a pair of skates that always perform their best.

Every improvement is always interchangeable with previous models meaning that no Snyder skate is out of date, we feel a Snyder skate is a skate for a lifetime.

Like any piece or precision equipment, your Snyder skates must be properly maintained to ensure maximum performance. The owners guide has been designed to provide you with all the information you will need for proper mounting, adjustment, maintenance, and selection of your Snyder skates.

Also included is the standard lifetime exchange program and the industry leading Snyder guarantee. Please read the owners guide carefully and become familiar with its contents and subject matter. As a handy reference guide this text will be a valuable guide to the experienced and inexperienced skater alike.

We want to thank all of those who have chosen and those who will choose to trust their performance on Snyder skate, you deserve the best. That is all we’ve made…and all we will ever make. Snyder Skates are manufactured and sold by the SureGrip Skate company.