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The Grand Opening! (OH YES, it will be grand!)

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Mark your calendars! We are officially opening for business on Saturday, February 16th! Please join us as we open our doors to the public for the very first time! DC’s one and only brick-and-mortar roller derby skate shop is ready to fill your every desire. Come check out the store, see the neighborhood, and hug your favorite Secretaries of Skate. We’ll have plenty of gear for you to try on, or you can just look around and say “awesome.” Cause we have plenty of that, too.

AND RIBBON-CUTTING BECAUSE YES. There will probably also be dancing.

See you there and bring your friends!

Your friendly neighborhood purveyors of Amazing–

Raptor and Hellie

519 H St. NW
Suite 50
Washington DC 20001

Phone: 202.642.iSk8 (642.4758)


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Velocityraptor • 5 February, 2013

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