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Roll Line Evo

  • Description
  • Description
  • The Roll-Line EVO skate frame is an unprecedented collaboration between top athletes, technical specialists from around the world, and sports biomechanists from the University at Bologna to produce this revolutionary NEW design in a skate frame with two (2) different angled truck systems on each skate

    Created by the fusion of the best characteristics of the DB12 and the Matrix plates in collaboration with top athletes and coaches in the world and already appreciated by them. This skate is specifically designed for high level FreeStyle Skaters and represents a revolutionary turning point in skate and skating technology. The design and materials of the  Roll-Line EVO provides all athletes the proper support of the skate boot and gives the most sensitive control, the greatest and absolute fastest response available from any skate, providing a sense of great stability and action.

    • Aluminum trucks with titanium axles, back left truck with steel axles.
    • Differently angled trucks: the greater inclination of the front axle allows the skater to enter spins more easily and with less pressure, the lower inclination of the back axle improves stability and centering during spins.
    • Click-action adjustment system.
    • Redesigned suspensions in elastomer with a double stage compression, providing an excellent base while preparing for jumping and perfect stability when landing (1 spare set included).
    • The Roll-Line EVO is provided with the Super Professional (Natural) Toe Stops (Metric) and an extra set of Urethane Suspensions.
    • Professional wrenches kit included.
    • Colors: Silver, Black anodized.
    • Adjustable titanium pivot pins.
    • 7mm wheel spacers and mounting hardware are not included.

    The Roll-Line EVO is a highly technical skate frame, with cross braced box truss engineering for excellent structural rigidity and is the lightest skate frame in the World. 

    The front trucks are the standard (18°) action for that incredible sensitivity and control for entering spins easily; the rear trucks are at a special approximate 16° angle that allows the truck to rock but inhibits the rotational movement. This translates to incredible stability for landings of double, triple, and quad jumps, along with super control in the centering of spins, but especially Heel Camel Spins. 

    The Roll-Line modified reduced height 07 Trucks with click action adjustment system provides optimum, accurate, and consistent action adjustments using the new 07 series, 13mm base king pins with adjustment click-nuts and locking screws. 

    The Roll-Line EVO  has a reduced height from the skating surface which gives a lower center of gravity that guarantees the ultimate in maneuverability and absolute incredible stability. The lower center of gravity of the Roll-Line EVO offers an incredible STABILITY, even at high speeds, which will help with the ability to sometimes land jumps and hold edges in spins that otherwise might not be possible. This major innovation is what makes the Roll-Line EVO a great choice for freestyle and also for high speed rhythm skating. 

    The Roll-Line EVO is forged from a solid bar of Ergal aluminum alloy and titanium components alloy (the same material as the Dance, Matrix, and Energy) then completely and beautifully CNC machined.

    Ergal is one of the strongest and lightest aluminum alloys available and has a lower expansion coefficient and offers the best coiled-spring response.

    The Roll-Line EVO features the strongest and lightest titanium alloy axles in trucks with one steel axle (to be used on either the left back or right back) for whichever leg is the MAIN Free Leg during jump landings. 

    Roll-Line urethane suspensions provide incredibly quick and fluid energy transmission from the foot through the skate to the skating surface.

    The Roll-Line urethane suspensions are available in five hardnesses to provide the perfect skate alignment.

    • Upper (Large) Suspension provides the stability of the edge.
    • Lower (Small) Suspension creates the deep edges, great turns and spins. 

    The suspensions can be mixed and matched to provide a VERY custom skate action. 

    Usually the upper (large) suspension is harder, because it is carrying the weight of the skater, and provides the edge stability, while the lower (small) suspension is one or (more infrequently) two levels more flexible, providing great edges and changes. 

    Sometimes for freestyle skating, the lower cushion is one level stiffer to support the stability of landing major jumps. The Roll-Line EVO, due to the lower center of gravity and shorter kingpin, requires the use of suspensions that are 1 level harder and more flexible than used on most other Roll-Line skates.

    Roll-Line urethane suspensions

    • Clear Green = Extra Flexible
    • Gray = Flexible
    • Clear Blue = Medium
    • Clear = Hard
    • Clear Yellow = Extra Hard

    If purchasing a boot and plate, add plate mounting here.