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STD Disco Roller/Park Skate Trucks

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  • Description
  • *This product may have a 3-6 week wait time.*


    But I have plates with larger kingpins and none of the standard grind trucks will work?? We've got the solution for you! 


    STD Wide Trucks now available!


    Material: Aluminum

    Grind surface: 55mm

    Axles: 8mm 

    Priced as a set of four (4).


    The STD PARK/HALF PIPE truck was created specifically for street and park skating.


    Made of solid aluminum with steel axles.


    Must be used with hard plastic, Delrin, or Teflon pivot ball cups. Otherwise, the pivot head will puncture any rubber pivot seats.


    Why invest in wide skateboard trucks?
    Wide trucks are ideal for street and park skating as they provide added stability to increase speed and transition from flat to vertical surfaces.


    The STD PARK/HALF PIPE truck is designed to fit STD Devil bases but will fit all STD bases. They are compatible with bases from other brands that have spherical seats for the hard plastic or Teflon pivots.


    NOTE: When changing wheels, if you feel some side-to-side movement of the wheels on the axle, even with the axle nut tightened as far as it will go, you may need axle shim washers. This is not uncommon for narrower wheels.