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STD Danza Plates

  • Description
  • Description
  • **This product may have a 2-4 week lead time. Please contact us directly if you need it immediately to ensure availability.**


    A beautifully technical frame with a cross-brace structure for increased strength while decreasing weight.


    STD DANZA is a skate frame for professional and high-level use, ensuring the best performance thanks to its innovative and ultra lightweight structure. It also offers a highly responsive experience for deep edges and precision.


    Made from a special Alcoa aluminum, the plate is CNC machined. This material has a lower coefficient of expansion and a quicker response to stress. Lovely rainbow oil-slick coloring, will vary in appearance from item to item.


    Toe Stops positioned closer to front axle than the STD Vision.


    Click-action trucks with adjustable pivot heads, all made from Alcoa aluminum or titanium.


    Elastomeric suspensions for faster transmission of weight shift and transfer, available in 5 different hardnesses for a maximum range of personalized precision. 


    Set-screw secured Super Jump Light toe stops in amber or white.


    Sizes 12 to 19 (wheelbase 120mm to 190mm)