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Edea Fly

Edea Fly White
Edea Fly Black
  • Description
  • Description
  • The EDEA Fly boot is the lightest skating boot available and represents a huge turning point in skating and skating technology; an ultra modern design for skaters who like winning. The flexibility in the boot means added grace and elegance to every performance.

    • Tough Construction with a stiffness of 50
    • Ladies Sizes (White): 225 through 280 in 5mm increments.
    • Mens Sizes (Black): 225 through 310 in 5mm increments.
    • Colors: White and Black
    • Type of Skating: FreeStyle Roller Skating and some Rhythm Skating
    • Training Level: Double, Triple, and Quad Jumps
    • Training Hours: 20 to 25 Plus Hours per week
    • Comfort Level: EDEA's MOST Comfortable Skate, almost Feels like a Tennis Shoe

    The EDEA FLY Professional Roller FreeStyle Skate is the Lightest Skating Boot available and represents a turning point in Skating and Skate Technology. Feel the Light and FLY with the Wind. The EDEA FLY is made with Revolutionary NEW Ultra Lightweight Materials which means that the FLY is 25% to 45% lighter than comparable traditional Skating Boots.

    Edea Fly White
    Edea Fly Black